Business Development Company

StHealth Capital Investment Corporation is a public, non-traded Business Development Company (BDC) that makes equity and equity-linked investments in mainly pre-IPO Medtech and other non-binary risk therapeutics companies.

We are an operating investment vehicle that seeks to protect and grow our investors’ assets.

We seek to create sustainable value by investing in and driving the commercialization of compelling healthcare companies. Our strategy leverages our relationships and abilities to form strategic partnerships and secure government contracts.

We focus on companies with cutting-edge technologies and “must have” products that are at commercial or strategic inflection points. We “de-risk” our investments by validating the commercial viability of a target company’s products prior to investing in them.

We have a growing team of professionals with very high levels of expertise and intellectual capital.

We employ quantitative portfolio management to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns during all types of economic conditions.


Focused on investing in the healthcare sector through a Business Development Company (BDC) as an operating investment vehicle.

StHealth Capital takes a conservative approach that emphasizes the improvement of an investment target company’s commercial prospects through a) active management/ guidance and b) pilot testing/ viability studies utilizing strong relationships with hospitals and other healthcare provider communities globally.