StHealth International

We also offer an offshore vehicle managed by our Cayman Islands-based Advisor, designed to capture asymmetric risk with a greater upside return. The focus is on less constrained healthcare investments, both onshore and abroad, as we seek a presence in global markets for all of our investments as a unique and meaningful added value to our existing US-based structures.

StHealth International offers tax advantages for certain investors where the US-regulated BDC structure may not be preferable. There is also a highly-attractive leveraged return for those sophisticated investor groups seeking more alpha in their portfolios, while remaining within a regulated structure.

We also employ various proprietary insurance rebated and structured investment products that mitigate and hedge risk. Establishing a global strategy is part of our overall mission.




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Structure & Strategy

StHealth International presents an attractive opportunity for sophisticated investors who are interested in receiving leveraged returns through a vehicle with a global investment perspective.

Similar to StHealth Capital, StHealth International focuses on investing in healthcare companies which are at commercial and strategic inflection points.

StHealth International is structured to provide equity investors with a highly leveraged return.

The risk return profile is asymmetric, such that investors can earn leveraged returns on the upside without the risk of further capital calls or additional commitments.

Utilizing state-of-the-art insurance and reinsurance strategies, StHealth International incorporates a portfolio risk management program to provide significant downside protection.

StHealth International is domiciled strategically to provide investors with optimal tax treatment.